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The Ultimate Blues Collection
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Includes tempo change + chord charts in every key


Pro Band Jazz Volume 1 will immediately get the aspiring jazz soloist boppin’ down the path to playing through jazz changes by working out on the most common forms of the “must-know-can’t play-jazz-without-it” two-five-one chord progression.


Two of the most popular grooves, Latin jazz “bossa nova” and swing styles in both major and minor keys are included in this fabulous collection of eight tracks.


Since the “two-five-one” (ii-V-I) chord sequence is the foundation to so many classic jazz songs, Pro Band Jazz Volume 1 is the perfect place to start your journey to jazz. Whether you already are familiar with rock and blues improvisation concepts or just starting to learn about soloing you can easily step into jamming over these progressions. Each of these tracks are in a single key, but as always Pro Band tracks include the option to change keys and tempos.

Major ii-V-I Swing 1

Major ii-V-I Swing 2

Minor ii-V-i Swing 1

Minor ii-V-i Swing 2

Major ii-V-I Latin 1

Major ii-V-I Latin 2

Minor ii-V-ii Latin 1

Minor ii-V-i Latin 1














































Many backing tracks are available individually at 99 cents.

Also check out our combo packs and save up to 60% on each Pro Band backing track.



If you are a musician who is learning to improvise, there is nothing greater than jamming with live musicians.

However, when your band is not available when the you feel like throwing down some licks Pro Band backing tracks

is the answer. It's like a band in your pocket..