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New!!! Record yourself playing along with Pro Band

Want to hear your solo in another key? Faster or slower? This cool new feature allows you do just that.

You can also share your solos in the Pro Band community.

Gives you 2 free jamming backing tracks to get you going (have a listen)

*Try some jamming here *

We want to hear you so post your Pro Band jams    

You must upgrade to Pro Band 3.2 for the latest in-app purchases:

The Other Blues #1 and #2 and the Ultimate Blues Package

Choose from our ever expanding backing tracks library of styles & grooves

Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country...

Change keys and tempos. (version 1.1 Don't worry if you already have version

Pro Band Backing Tracks 1.0, all updates are free!)

New music is being added all the time.

These high quality, professionally produced backing tracks are not midi or sequencer based.

They have been produced with real live studio musicians, so the feel is real.

Much thought and consideration has been put into each one of the backing tracks to make

them representative of the many diverse elements found in guitar-driven music. (keyboardists and horn

players love these backing tracks as well)

"Being a pro guitarist, I know what I like when it comes to jamming with a band so it is with

utmost confidence that I can say that my Pro Band Backing Tracks groove and inspire. I’ll admit I

am biased, after all I did create them, but l absolutely love playing and practicing to them

myself and use them all the time."

Mark Fitchett-Producer


by planeKrazy - Version 1.5 - Oct 2, 2012 I'm very new to guitar playing (6 months) so maybe I'm being too ambitious with this app but I like it and enjoy the back track sound, you can tell it's the "real thing."

Worth every penny! by GtrPlar - Version 1.5 - Sep 7, 2012 I'm a musician, been playing goin on 15 years and I'm more than convinced this app is the best weapon in my practice gig bag. It's got every type of music you could want to play along with and with ability I change key and tempo the possibilities are endless, no more waiting for the drummer to show up to band practice or finding a bass player that knows more than 3 notes. TRY IT AND YOUR HOOKED!!!!

Awesome - best jam track app !!!! by Mesquik - Version 1.5 - Jul 4, 2012 The quality is great , especially with headphones and ampkit! All keys is cool - i have a few i always play in but still cool. Cant wait to get more - theres a lot to try. Im inspired.

from UK:

great app by thesoundblaster - Version 1.5 - Sep 3, 2012 Great app - well done. Good sound quality too.Jam all night

by Grrrrrrrrrrnumber11 - Version 1.5 - Jul 22, 2012This is just the kind of app I wanted to jam along with. The variety of genres suits me, maybe a few more jazzy track would be good. The sound quality diminishes slightly if changing tempo or key, but as a jamming tool it is not at all a problem as all is still perfectly clear. More songs please.





If you are a musician who is learning to improvise, there is nothing greater than jamming with live musicians.

However, when your band is not available when the you feel like throwing down some licks Pro Band backing tracks

is the answer. It's like a band in your pocket..